Brain Matters

With Persistence, Recovering from Depression

Staying the course to get the right treatments, and having lots of support, lets this man enjoy his family again

From The Quarterly, Fall 2013

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Nothing To Be Ashamed Of

From a family affected by mental illness, this man supports research to make a difference

From The Quarterly, Winter 2013

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The Strength of My Denial All Those Years

A woman explains why she finally agreed to try deep brain stimulation for her depression.

From The Quarterly, Fall 2012

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CNN Features Edi Guyton’s story

Earlier this year, in April, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Chief Medical Correspondent for ‘CNN Presents,’ produced a special segment on deep brain stimulation (DBS).

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A Remarkable Journey

Cindy Warren was diagnosed with depression in 1999 after she attempted suicide.

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