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What is a #BBRFBFF?

#BBRFBFF is our Social Media Ambassador program. It is simple to join - just fill out the form on this page and click the checkbox indicating that you will help share our content on social media!

Why join our #BBRFBFF Team?

Join our team of social media ambassadors (ie. best friends) and be the first to know about content we plan to share during social media campaigns. You will also receive exclusive posts that you can share on your Facebook and Twitter pages to ultimately help support the 1-in-5 living with a mental illness.

How Can You Participate?


  • Sign up, on this page, to become a social media ambassador and receive exclusive, sharable content to post and tweet.
  • Follow @bbrfoundation on Facebook and Twitter
  • Use the #BBRFBFF hashtag and receive shout-outs from @bbrfoundation in appreciation!

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Thank you for joining us. Remember there is strength in numbers and someone you know is affected by a brain and behavior disorder and is waiting for the scientific breakthrough that may stop the stigma and cure their illness.