$175M Awarded to Schizophrenia Research since 1987

Key Figures

3.5 million adults

3.5 million adults (1.1%) of the US Adult population live with schizophrenia*

21 million

More than 21 million people worldwide are affected by schizophrenia*

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Late-Onset Mental Illness Unravels a Family's Life

A daughter supports mental health research to ensure other families don’t have to live through what hers did. From The Quarterly, Winter 2012 Among Janet Larsen’s family mementos, carefully preserved and passed down by her mother, is a letter addressed to Janet’s father, Victor Lottmann, on the...

Social Media Helps One Man Institutionalized for Schizophrenia Reconnect with Old Friends

The summer before Neil Barber’s junior year in high school, he and three of his buddies decided to experiment with marijuana. Neil’s dad, Greg, recalls the four of them getting “pretty rocked,” but Neil being the only one unable to recover. “Perhaps the marijuana was laced with something,” Greg...

The Crucial Need for Brain Research: A Leader at NAMI Discusses Her Unwavering 25-Year Support of the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation

From The Quarterly, Spring 2012 Like many donors to the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation, Janet and Myron Susin of Long Island, New York, have a compelling personal reason for lending their support. Twenty-five years ago, around the time the Foundation originally known as NARSAD was getting...