BBRF History

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BBRF Consistently Rated As A Top Charity

The Brain & Behavior Research Foundation (BBRF) is committed to awarding research grants to develop improved treatments, cures, and methods of prevention for mental illness.

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Dr. Herbert Pardes Reflects on the Origins and Importance of the Foundation’s Scientific Council

QUESTION: Dr. Pardes, as the founding President of the Foundation’s Scientific Council, your name above all others is associated with that body. So there is no one better suited than you to help us understand the vital role the Council has played in the Foundation’s history.

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Inside Philanthropy Article on the Lieber Family and Mental Illness Research

Inside Philanthropy published an article about the Lieber family and the history of their philanthropic giving focused on mental health research. Stephen Lieber serves as the Chairman of the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation (BBRF) Board of Directors.

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