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Dr. Jeffrey Borenstein, President and CEO of BBRF, Joins Denver Frederick on The Business of Giving Podcast

…if a parent is concerned about their child — perhaps the child seems increasingly anxious, maybe they’re not functioning at the level that they normally had functioned, maybe their schoolwork has decreased, maybe they’re not as social as they had been — they should seek h

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We are sad to share that Dr. Paul Greengard, one of the giants in modern neuroscience and a BBRF Scientific Council Member, has passed away.

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 Facebook Fundraisers to Support Mental Health Research

In December of 2017, the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation (BBRF) signed up to accept donations on Facebook. Little did we know just how quickly users would take to this new opportunity to support mental health research using the world’s largest social network.

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2018 International Mental Health Research Symposium Videos

This past October, our International Mental Health Research Symposium took place in New York City.

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