Brain Matters

ADVICE ON MENTAL HEALTH:  Warning Signs & What to Look For: Anxiety and Depression in Childhood

Dr. Jeffrey Borenstein interviews Dr. Joan Luby of Washington University, St. Louis, whose research has changed views on the subject.

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2022 Leading Research Achievements
We are pleased to present you with the 2022 Leading Research Achievements by BBRF Grantees, Prizewinners & Scientific Council Members. Read More
A Q&A with Dr. Mark S. George on Brain Stimulation for Psychiatric Illness

Dr. George, a pioneer in the field, answers practical questions about TMS and other brain stimulation therapies for psychiatric illness.

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A RESEARCHER'S PERSPECTIVE: We Are Witnessing a Revolution in Brain Stimulation

Dr. Mark S. George, a pioneer in the field, explains how TMS and related non-invasive brain stimulation technologies are changing the face of psychiatry.

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Highly Individualized Deep-Brain Stimulation Helps a Patient With Severe Treatment-Resistant Depression

We write about a novel idea to address brain-based disorders that has moved from theory to bedside in only 3 years. Called closed-loop neuromodulation, it involves using electrical stimulation—delivered via an implanted deep-brain stimulation (DBS) device—at a precise location in the brain. The stimulation occurs intermittently throughout each day for only seconds at a time, and only at moments when a sensor placed in another part of the brain detects a specific EEG brain-wave pattern linked with the onset of a patient’s depressed moods.  In its first clinical test, a treatment-resistant patient experienced a remission.

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