Brain Matters

A Novel Way to Help People in Prisons and Jails with Severe Mental Illness

Judge Steven Leifman
Associate Administrative Judge, Miami-Dade County Court-Criminal Division, Florida
2018 Pardes Humanitarian Prize
2012 Productive Lives Award

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Steps to Take Before, During, and After Pregnancy to Help Assure the Child’s Mental Health

M. Camille Hoffman, M.D., MSCS
Associate Professor, Maternal & Fetal Medicine
University of Colorado School of Medicine

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We are sad to share that Dr. Paul Greengard, one of the giants in modern neuroscience and a BBRF Scientific Council Member, has passed away.

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 Facebook Fundraisers to Support Mental Health Research

In December of 2017, the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation (BBRF) signed up to accept donations on Facebook. Little did we know just how quickly users would take to this new opportunity to support mental health research using the world’s largest social network.

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Enjoying Valentine's Day With or Without a Partner

While Valentine's Day is supposed to be the holiday of romance, it can be difficult for many people, whether they have a romantic partner or not. The key is to keep things in perspective.

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