Advice on Mental Health Disorders

Brain Matters

ADVICE ON MENTAL HEALTH:  Warning Signs & What to Look For: Anxiety and Depression in Childhood

Dr. Jeffrey Borenstein interviews Dr. Joan Luby of Washington University, St. Louis, whose research has changed views on the subject.

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A Q&A with Dr. Mark S. George on Brain Stimulation for Psychiatric Illness

Dr. George, a pioneer in the field, answers practical questions about TMS and other brain stimulation therapies for psychiatric illness.

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ADVICE ON MENTAL HEALTH: Understanding Borderline Personality Disorder

While affecting millions of American adults, personality disorders (PDs) are infrequently discussed. Our Q&A with BBRF grantee Dr. Anthony Ruocco, focuses on the most prevalent PD, borderline personality disorder (BPD). He helps clarify its symptoms, explains what research suggests about it biological underpinnings, and offers advice about treatments.

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ADVICE ON MENTAL HEALTH: What Research Tells Us About Cannabis Use — And What Parents Should Consider

The trend to legalize cannabis is not yet accompanied by a solid body of research that would assure the parents of an adolescent, for example, that the use of cannabis from an early age is harmless. Indeed, some recent research suggests that at least some young users may be at considerable mental health risk if they regularly ingest high-potency cannabis. Dr. Martin Paulus, a researcher and expert on how substance use affects the brain, explains what we know and don't know, and offers advice for parents of adolescents.

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ADVICE ON MENTAL HEALTH: Sensory Over-response and Anxiety in Children With and Without Autism

A Q&A with Dr. Kimberly Carpenter of Duke University, who has conducted important research on preschoolers with overly sensitive senses—children who are intensely bothered by stimuli such as loud or high-pitched sounds, or the sensation of clothing rubbing on the skin. Her research has shown that these children are at greater risk for developing an anxiety disorder by school age. She also discusses sensory oversensitivity and autism spectrum disorder.

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